Insights to Your Genius

Discover What Your ADVanced Insights Report REALLY Means.

Get a deeper understanding of your profile and how you can use your unique qualities to your advantage to get the most out of your career, relationships and communication style.

Too often people will get a profile report like the one you're holding, go through a few pages and then put it down, never to be read again.

But what if you could unlock the power contained within that report simply by watching a few simple videos?

The ADVanced Insights Profile has the potential to completely change your life - your career, your relationships, your communication - but only if you understand it.

Discover exactly what each section of the profile means and how to apply it in your life moving forward.

In this program you'll learn:

  • How to best communicate in your workplace
  • How to ensure you're doing the right kind of work
  • How to maximize your efficiency each and every day
  • The secrets most people don't know about DISC
  • Why the VALUES profile has the power to unlock your hidden potential
  • How you process information when you are 'in the flow'
  • What are your potential blind spots 

This Program includes:

  • Behavioral Tendencies Assessment (DISC Index)
  • Intrinsic Motivators Assessment (Values Index) 
  • Information Processing, Valuation and Prioritization (Attribute Index)
  • 75+ Page Personalized Report and Growth Plan
  • 30 Minute profile debrief upon completion of the course

A deep personal understanding in under an hour!

If you want to completely transform how you view your personality, you can't miss out on this amazing opportunity to unlock the potential in these reports and in human psychology.

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6 Modules

ADVanced Insights Overview

The Advanced Insight Assessment is a powerful resource to help executives and business leaders maximize their effectiveness and help lead their teams to increase self-awareness and authenticity.

According to a 23 country - 190K+ Participant study, these two skills are necessary acquired skills for Genius-Level Performance in any role.

This highly-validated, EEOC Compliant tool is used to help acquire the best talent for any position or to help coach and develop high performers into peak or genius-level performers, particularly within the executive teams.


The DISC Index Assessment measures an individual’s preferred behavioral style and tendencies along a spectrum. It measures how people tend to behave with respect to four distinct categories: Problems, People, Pace and Procedures of others. It is based on the work of Dr. Marston and the behaviors and emotions of 'normal' people.


The Values Index combines the work of Dr. Spranger and Allport to create the most powerful motivations profile on the market today. Such information is vital when it comes to motivating employees, making hiring and selection decisions, understanding performance issues or anywhere that requires understanding what drives, motivates and inspires an individual.

Understanding WHY someone does what they do is the key to understanding how to get them well aligned with work and in an environment that will lead to the most passion.


The Attribute Index is a revolutionary way to measure organizational skills and competencies to increase individual and team efficiency and effectiveness. Built specifically for the business environment, and to be easy to use by any manager, the Attribute Index assesses an individual’s cognitive style (i.e., how they think).

The profile is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman (Yale/MIT) and is a uniquely powerful way of actually quantifying an individual’s ability in over 80 business related areas. Over 30 validation studies make the Attribute Index one of the most powerful and reliable profiles on the market today. Used by more than 300,000 people in over 18 countries, the Attribute Index can help in finding, developing and keeping the very best talent.

Summary & Review

The Advanced Insight Assessment is a powerful resource to help executives and business leaders maximize their effectiveness and help lead their teams to increase self-awareness and authenticity.

This Lesson reviews the three profiles that make up the ADVanced Insight Profile and how they interact to help you gain some INSIGHT TO YOUR GENIUS!

Modules for this product 6
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